[STYLE ICON] Zooey Deschanel as Jess in New Girl

I am currently obsessed with E4’s New Girl, have you seen it? More specifically I am obsessed with protagonist, Jess’s style. Zooey Deschanel has a habit of taking on slightly kooky and quirky roles and Jess is no different. However, after close scrutiny, her style is pretty conventional and even a little conservative: think knee length dresses and cardigans with flat pumps:

Zooey Deschanel as Jess in New Girl

If truth be known, it is probably Zooey Deschanel’s effortless loose ringlet curls that I am most obsessed with. Continue reading

[STYLE INSPIRATION] Straw baskets à la Kate Moss and Jane Birkin

Last summer, in Ibiza, I became obsessed with the idea of a straw basket-style bag, à la Jane Birkin and Kate Moss (below) to carry my neccessities to the beach.

kate moss straw bag holiday style

jane birkin straw bag

I searched for a suitable speciman but couldn’t find one that completely fitted the bill for price and size. Then, whilst doing a little virtual window shopping the other day, I came across this straw bag by Seafolly over on my-wardrobe:

Perfection. And only £35!

Will you be carrying a straw bag on your holidays this summer?

* Image sources: Kate Moss (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4; Jane Birkin (l-r): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

[STYLE ICON] Rachel Bilson as Dr Zoe Hart

My latest style icon is actress Rachel Bilson in her latest role as Dr Zoe Hart in the new hit TV show, Hart of Dixie. Have you seen it? No!? Well, go check it out for yourself right now! Bilson’s character manages to combine laid-back cool with a little added sex appeal – a look that every young woman wishes she could pull off with such aplomb!

From the creators of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, Hart Of Dixie stars Rachel Bilson as a sophisticated and ambitious young doctor who has to swap her fast-paced life in New York for the down-home world of Alabama after her perfect plans start to fall apart.

Zoe Hart thinks she has her life sorted – she graduated top of her class from medical school, has the perfect boyfriend and is set on following in her father’s footsteps to become a cardio-thoracic surgeon. But things soon start to go wrong, and Zoe is forced to accept an offer from a stranger, Dr Harley Wilkes, to work with him at his small practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

Bilson’s wardrobe in the show is filled with covetable pieces and great inspiration for the glorious summer sunshine we’re currently enjoying here in the UK, whether you favour a chance to show off your pins in a mini skirt or cover-up in easy-to-wear peg-leg trousers, Bilson shows you how.

If you’ve missed the show, so far, make sure to catch yourself up and watch it on Really – there are still more than 15 episodes left in the debut series and a second series has already been confirmed for the US – so it’ll likely be back on our screens in the UK again next year!

I’m clearly having a “Rachel-Bilson-moment” as my Pinterest boards are currently filled with her! Particularly her dip-dyed hair* (see here).

Who’s your current on screen style icon? For a blast from the past, check out my post earlier this week on how Carrie Bradshaw’s style translates to 2012!

* I’m so doing this next time I go to the hairdressers!!

[STYLE INSPIRATION] Carrie Bradshaw for 2012

When I read this post over at Fashion Foie Gras about movies that make you want to reinvent your entire wardrobe and look, I couldn’t help but think of my own “screen moment” that made me want to alter my entire approach to style and fashion. It wasn’t so much a moment, as a character. Carrie Bradshaw. Sure, she’s the style icon who changed many a young woman’s wardrobe, for me that change was profound to say the least. Before Carrie (BC, shall we say!) I wore a uniform of jeans and t-shirts and trainers. After Carrie, I began to add skirts and dresses and colour to my wardrobe. Ok, so I’m still working on the colour element but I have definitely moved in a more girly phase since being introduced to Ms Bradshaw. She was original queen of colour blocking and clashing prints, Carrie Bradshaw inspired girls and women the world over with her outrageous outfits in the hit TV show, Sex and the City. Here, I’ve disected five keys looks from the Carrie-years and how you can wear them today, with finds straight from the high street!

carrie bradshaw style outfit #1: graphic tee

For this look, why not grab one of Uniqlo’s UT tees? Try with the grey Minnie Mouse tee, or add a bit of colour with the yellow tee. Follow Carrie’s lead and add either smarten the look with a blazer, or go wild and add a statement maxi skirt.

carrie bradshaw style outfit #2: colour blocking

For a Carrie-inspired colour blocked look choose a bold tee, in either pink or red or blue and team with a striped skirt, either go safe with a monochrome number from Dorothy Perkins or clash with this pleated skirt by Oasis.

carrie bradshaw look #3: pearls

Pearls and Carrie are synonymous with each other. Pile them on for a real Carrie-look. This multi strand set from Dorothy Perkins is perfect, or this from Oasis. If you’re not so keen on the necklaces, why not grab this pearl bracelet from Warehouse.

carrie bradshaw style outfit #4: floral corsages

Think of Carrie and you’ll likely think of corsages! Wear them either in your hair, or pinned to your top, or tied around your wrist – wherever you choose, make sure they’re big! Any of these would work: pink from Oasis; blue from Warehouse; yellow from Dorothy Perkins; and burnt cream from DP.

carrie bradshaw look #5: sporty luxe

Sporty luxe is another of this season’s trends that Carrie was working well over a decade ago! Team a luxe sweat (here or here) and a pair of fancy heels, or alternatively choose a slub vest with a mini skirt.

carrie bradshaw look #6: clashing prints

Long before Mary Katrantzou was clashing prints on the catwalks, Carrie Bradshaw was clashing prints on the sidewalks of New York City! Team a floral print skirt with a striped tee, or an animal print skirt with a floral top.

carrie bradshaw look #7: crop tops

Another look Carrie sports a fair bit in the TV series is a crop top. This season they were all over the catwalks and are filling up rail space on the high street too. Whether you dare to bare everything in a bra top, or prefer to only give the illusion with a tie-front blouse, make sure you’re channelling the Carrie-look and choose bold prints or bright colours!

Which TV or movie character has most influenced your style?

[STYLE ICON] Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon, the legendary hairdresser who sadly died yesterday, might not have been a style icon himself, as such, but he was certainly the man behind a few, including Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Quant, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Mia Farrow. Sassoon’s attitude to hairdressing changed women’s hair styles forever. Whilst a weekly blow-dry might be the norm for some today, gone are the days of sitting under a hood every week to create a hair style.

In 2004 Vidal Sassoon told the Chicago Tribune that he was proud to have entered the field of hairdressing, saying:

“Hairdressers are a wonderful breed. You work one-on-one with another human being and the object is to make them feel so much better and to look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye. Work on their bone structure, the colour, the cut, whatever, but when you’ve finished, you have an enormous sense of satisfaction.”

His iconic pixie and bob cuts defined a generation and are synonymous with the 60s. But they have translated into each of the decades that have followed and right into the twenty-first century these angular styles are still as popular and striking as they ever were.

His advertising slogan was “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

Has Vidal Sassoon influenced your style? Has a hair cut you’ve had been influenced by his iconic cuts? I know that I have been influenced by those women whose hair he’s cut, from the Twiggy/Mia Farrow pixie crop I had in my teens and the angular bob that I had cut at Fashion Week at the end of last year.

*Images via: 1, 2, 3

[INSPIRATION] Alexa Chung at Superga for SS12

Last autumn I shared with you the photos from the Superga campaign starring Alexa Chung (see here). For SS12 the style icon is back and has been appointed as Creative Director for the brand. In fact, she was given completely free reign over the shooting of the SS12 campaign, the only direction being, “Go create”! Create, she did:

The campaign clearly reflects Chung’s laid back sense of style and she manages to inject a little fun into the shoot too. The brand’s classic 2750 canvas trainers are the supporting stars of the SS12 campaign and to celebrate, I’m seriously treated myself to a pair of the crisp clean white trainers to replace my rather old and dishevelled looking white Converse that may unfortunately have to be relegated to the dustbin.

When it comes to casual shoes are you loyal to one brand or do you like to mix it up? Do you wear Superga trainers or Converse or another brand?