[CHRISTMAS WISHLIST] 5 Pairs Of Shoes For Your Festive Party


The festive party season is upon us (or very nearly!) and so the dilemma of dressing up in the cold ensures. More on what to wear in another post very soon. Today it’s all about the shoes – the most important part, of course! For me, I like to choose my shoes and work my look around them, so they really are the starting point of any party outfit.

I’ve picked four pairs that’ll get your feet ready to party.

Shop the post: #1; #2; #3; #4; and #5.

1. Sequins – what could say “part-ay” better than sequins? Try a pair of sequinned peep-toe court shoes?
2. Embellishments – or if sequins are too much, try a pair with an embellishment.
3. Shoe boots – when it’s cold outside, keep your feet toasty in a pair of heeled shoe boots.
4. Glitter – if, like me, you’re a flats girl really, choose a pair covered in glitter for your Christmas party.
5. Folding flats – after a night of dancing in your favourite heels, give your feet a break on the way home and tuck a pair of practical but pretty Butterfly Twists into your handbag.

What will you be wearing on your feet this party season?

[OUTFIT] Next Festive Party Little Black Dress


I was recently invited by Next to style one of their party dresses for the festive season. Loving a challenge, I jumped at the chance!

I was sent this gorgeous lace body con LBD. The sleeves make it season appropriate but the lace means that you’re not completely covered up.


I’ve added a pile of bling to the look to ensure that I’m festive party season ready! I’m wearing the dress with a pair of statement earrings, a sequinned clutch bag, both by Next and a pair of pretty bow Clarks court shoes.

I’m planning to style my new dress up for the different events I have lined up over the next month or two: the office Christmas do and New Year’s Eve. For the office do, I’ll be add embellished flat shoes for a bit of comfort.

How would you style this dress?



I read Grit & Glamour’s post Are You A Heels Kind Of Girl? with interest.

Regular readers will know that I am a flats’ lover through and through. But I wasn’t always. At just over 5 foot tall, in my late teens and early 20s, I practically lived in heels. They made me taller and, I thought, far more glamorous and grown up.

Then I moved to Italy.

A country known for its chic and elegance. Yes. But the town I found myself living in was almost entirely paved with cobbles. After just one or two attempts, I quickly realised that I was going to have to give up my precious heels for 12 months.

And after 12 months I seemed to have lost my love of heels and had discovered the comfort and convenience of flat shoes.

In the past few years I’ve been finding my heels mojo and have been quietly and quickly accruing pair after pair of sexy and stylish heels.

V at Grit & Glamour talks about the iconic Louboutin. The shape, the red sole, the heel height. Everything about the Louboutin is classic. But, according to V, they are not comfortable. I’ll take her word on that as I have yet to add a pair to my shoe rack.

My favorites? Clarks’ heels are my favourites for sure. Their specially designed soft wear soles give the wearer a layer of luxurious padding between the foot and the pavement, making them the ultimate in comfort.

Why heels? They make me taller. They make me feel grown up. They make me feel put together and chic. They make me feel more elegant.

The higher, the better.

The brighter, the better.

And the orange court shoes by Clarks in this post are my ultimate pair. When I put them on I feel like I’m ready for anything.

Yes, I can’t get anywhere quickly. But I take every step with purpose and poise.

Are you a heels girl?

Image via Pinterest

[OUTFIT] Baukjen Dresses


It’s been discussed on this blog many times before, but there’s no denying the ease of a dress for the office. It makes the process of getting ready in the morning a lot easier as you only have to consider one piece, as opposed to mixing and matching and skirt and top or trousers and a top.

I have a few Baukjen dresses in my wardrobe already and they create the base for many of my work looks. The striped t-shirt dress, above, is an easy autumn piece. I’ve thrown it on with a pair of low heeled black Ash ankle boots and opaque tights. For slightly cooler weather, I’ll be adding a trench coat and scarf – and maybe even a cardigan.

Another Baukjen favourite is this navy knit dress with here with flat black patent shoes:


The knit makes it warmer and more appropriate in the cooler weather. When it gets very cold, I add a t-shirt underneath – and a scarf and pea coat:


I’ve picked out my five favourite dresses at Baukjen right now:


Shop the post: #1: Bonnington dress; #2: Ruched jersey dress; #3: Alexandra lace dress; #4: Rivington knit dress; #5: Ruched jersey dress.

Which is your favourite? How would you style them?

[INSPIRATION] 5 Pairs Of Shoes You Need For Autumn 2013

Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves have turned and are gracefully falling to the ground. Little eddies of dry red and orange leaves scurry across the road.

Footwear is my obsession whatever the season. But in autumn is it more evident that thought needs to be taken when choosing what to wear on your feet. From rain showers torrential downpours to icy wind and slippery paths, there’s a lot to think about.

The sandals and ballet flats of the summer are certainly no longer suitable.

In my effort to downsize my wardrobe since we moved, I’ve taken to picking five pairs of shoes each season. For autumn, I’ll be wearing:


What shoes will you be wearing this autumn?

[HOW TO] Style Your Kitten Heels For Autumn/Winter 2013


Ever since Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection, I have lusted after her kitten heels adorned with cute bows. Of course, first of all I couldn’t afford the real thing and now, they’re well out of date. But I’ve found a similar pair for about a quarter of the price by Clarks:


Styling easy to walk in kitten heeled court shoes can be awkward due to the heel height. Whilst they might be comfortable and (that dreaded word!) sensible, they are also far less flattering – particularly on those of us not blessed with height – than higher heels. So I’ve put together my top three tips for how to wear your kitten heels for Autumn/Winter 2013:

  • Make sure to keep your bottom half slim. Either skinny jeans/trousers or tights.
  • If you’re wearing skinny trousers, keep your top half looser, like the Isabel Marant look above, for something more casual.
  • If you’re wearing a dress, keep the hem length as short as is possible for the situation to ensure you don’t look dumpy.

Will you be wearing kitten heels this season? How will you be styling them?

Image via Style.com

[HOW TO] Dress For Your First Day Of Sixth Form Or For Freshers’ Week

As the summer holidays draw to a close so teenagers everywhere look forward to their first day at sixth form, college or university and the age-old question of what to wear looms large!

A couple of weeks ago we discussed how to look good at the school gate for all of the stylish mums out there, this week it’s about student fashion.

Go for the quintessential student look with a pair of boy-fit or skinny jeans, a hoodie and a pair of your favourite battered Converse trainers:


If you’re looking for something a little more imaginative than the above, why not change out the jeans for a swing style dress:


If the trainers look isn’t for you, don’t fear. How adding emphasis to your swing dress with your jewellery? Paired with ballerina pumps and a light cardigan:


For more inspiration we’ve put together our top five pieces every student’s wardrobe should contain:

Parka jacket – will keep you warm throughout the cold winter months as you trudge to and from classes. And will easily cover your pyjamas when you want to make a late night dash to the corner shop for more chocolate/alcohol supplies!

Hoodie – a zip-up hoodie will go over pretty much anything you want it to. Need a light cover-up in the early autumn? Done. Need something cosy to snuggle into when the dreaded winter cold hits? Done. Need something to throw on when you’ve overslept? Done. Every eventuality is sorted!

Trainers – and most importantly a pair of beat-up old Converse trainers. They are an essential part of the British student uniform.

Rucksack – how else will you carry all of your papers and books to classes? But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Scarf – will instantly update your look with a splash of colour – and will keep you warm this winter too.

For further ideas, check out my Pinterest Style Board and be sure to “follow” it for regular style updates!

How will you be dressing on your first day at sixth form/college/university?