[OUTFIT] Multiple Ear Piercings

multiple ear piercings

I love the look of multiple piercings and ever since I had my ears pierced I’ve hankered after having another piercing or two. But it’s never felt like the right time. Also, I think I was scared it would hurt. I don’t remember the first piercings hurting but I wondered if I’d blocked out any pain! Turns out, I hadn’t. A couple of weeks ago I went for a regular appointment at my local beautician and asked her to add another piercing to each ear while I was there.

multiple piercings

Since then, I’ve been adding to my Pinterest board of piercings. I’m now counting down the weeks and days until I can take out the new piercings and change the earrings.

Until then, I’m buying up new earrings and checking out my current collection to decide what will work together. I think that studs work best with multiple piercings (this might just be a personal preference) but also like the mini hoop style too. I love the asymmetric look using different studs in each ear and hole. I’m now thinking about adding to my piercings with an additional hole further up one ear. For now, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite stud collections on the high street that I’m lusting after:

multiple piercings earrings

  1. Already totally adore the Z for Accessorize collection and this set of twelve gold-plated stud earrings with an assortment of Swarovski stone, geometric and heart-shaped designs is ideal for the asymmetric look I want to create.
  2. This set of earrings featuring marbled stone beads from H&M – with one pair of studs and one pair of long, metal chain earrings – shows how I could work something more dressy than simply studs. Maybe for a night out?
  3. This set of silver and gold look mixed shape studs and hoops from Topshop is just one example from the high street of this sort of collection (see here from Accessorize too).
  4. And also from H&M, the stud and hoop option.

Would you consider more than one piercing? What look do you go for?


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