[HOW TO] Pack A Capsule Wardrobe For A Weekend Away

I’m off to Lisbon tomorrow for my hubby’s birthday. We’re heading away for a long weekend. I’m trying (after over-packing for honeymoon) to pack as light as possible, so while thinking about what I’ll be throwing in, I figured I’d share my idea of a capsule wardrobe for a weekend city break (this covers a 5-6 day trip). It might look long but believe me I’ve packed more and fitted it into a carry-on size case!

holiday capsule wardrobe

  1. Oversized shirt – doubles as a cover-up on the beach and something slightly warmer in the evenings
  2. 2x vests – what more do you need for daytime wear on holiday than shorts and a vest?
  3. Denim jacket – a cool cover-up for evenings and travelling
  4. 2x day-to-night dresses – gives you a different option for city break days and takes you through to the evening
  5. 2x pairs of sandals – one for walking (I always take my Birkenstocks) and another for evening
  6. Trainers – for travelling
  7. Shorts – denim shorts are the most versatile
  8. Jumper – for cooler evenings

What do you pack for a weekend away? Do you choose to pack light or throw everything you own in?


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