[HOW TO] Get Ready In 20 Minutes In The Morning

alarm clock

We’re not early risers here at Sugar & Spice, so we like to think we’re experts when it comes to getting ready quickly in the mornings. If you’re also a fan of lie ins and staying in bed for as long as possible, even on “school” days, these ten tips for getting ready in under 20 minutes are for you:

  1. Forget washing your hair, you don’t have time. Instead keep some tried and trusted Batiste Dry Shampoo on your dressing table for these occasions. Spritz all over your hair and leave while you jump into the shower… You should only have used a minute or two for this. (I’ll be honest – I never wash my hair in the mornings anymore, I instead wash the night before if I need to.)
  2. Quickly jump in the shower. This should take no more than two or three minutes without the hassle of washing your hair.
  3. Brush out the dry shampoo. This is important; otherwise you may look like you are greying! Another minute.
  4. Pin your hair up. A simple ponytail is probably most sensible as it will take the least amount of time and will look smart. If you’re like me with short hair that can’t be thrown up into a fail-safe ponytail, a little prep is required (hence, my washing the night before!). This will take another two minutes.
  5. Brush your teeth. Very important but also very easy to forget when in a hurry. Spend two minutes on this!
  6. Underwear. Make sure it’s the nicest underwear you have. It’ll instantly make you feel better.
  7. Know your standby outfit. Think about it. You must have a go-to outfit for all of those times when everything else doesn’t look right. Whether it’s a little black dress (in my case) or a simple trouser and shirt combo, today is the day to fall back on this. If you don’t know what yours is, think about it now. You don’t have time to think about it the morning you over sleep! And if you do know exactly which outfit I mean, it shouldn’t take you five minutes max to grab it and chuck it on.
  8. Make up. You don’t have time for a full face. So combine tasks. Keep a tinted moisturiser to hand for mornings such as these, that way you’re killing two birds with one stone. Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moistuiser is just the thing.
  9. Curl baby, curl. Curl your eyelashes. With no time for both eye shadow and mascara, I always go for lashings of dark mascara. I think it makes me look so much more awake. V important on mornings where I have overslept!
  10. Blusher. Make sure you put some blusher on, you don’t want to look washed out this morning. Five minutes to get your face on and you’re ready to go!

Are you an organised early riser? Or do you like to lie in and then rush around trying to get ready on time?


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