[BEAUTY] Bridal hair and make-up

Bridal hair and make-up

There’s some debate over whether to have your hair and make-up done by a pro for your wedding, or to do it yourself. A few people were surprised by my decision to get a professional in to do my make-up, given my blogging background and love of all things cosmetics.

I spotted this post over of Cider with Rosie in which she talked about doing her own make-up. To be honest, it’s something I did consider. A few years ago, one of my best friends got married and I was one of her bridesmaids. She was having a make-up artist and left it up to us girls to decide if we wanted to use her too. Originally I thought, no way. But then it transpired that my boyf (now hubby) and I would be in Morocco until the day before and I’d be heading straight from the airport to her’s for the wedding prep. I never really take make-up on holiday and didn’t want to lug around a load of make-up for our trip, so decided I’d have my make-up done professionally. I was sceptical that I would end up looking a little like a clown but I figured I could probably tone it down. It turned out to be amazing and looked so good and was so much easier. Plus, I find getting my make-up right, so it will still show up in photos can be difficult.

So when my wedding day came round, I knew I wanted to book a professional. It meant I knew I would look good (having had a trial beforehand) and would also mean one thing I wouldn’t have to stress about on the day.

bridal hair

It turned out to be one of the most chilled parts of the day – but also the point at which it suddenly hit me that it was my wedding day!

The two hair stylists took over our kitchen (downstairs) and so it was filled with people and a lot of noise and chat. The make-up artist was in our living room (upstairs), away from all of that. It was quite serene and very peaceful. And it gave me the space and quiet to think about the day ahead. And I suddenly realised that I was about to get married!

Bridal hair and make-up

If you are thinking about go down the professional route, these are my top tips to ensure that you are happy with your look on your big day:

  • Have a trial. For both hair and make-up. I managed to organise my hair trial for the day that my work colleagues took me for a hen party. It definitely helps to ensure that the nerves on the day aren’t about any surprises!
  • Create a collection of inspiration to show your professionals what you want! Yes, another Pinterest board (or the same wedding one). I made sure that I had images of exactly what I wanted for my hair (see above) and make-up.
  • Choose people you know and trust. I chose my hairdresser – Mel at Envision Hair – for my wedding day. I’ve been going to Mel for the past year, since I moved up to the West Midlands. I asked her for a recommendation for a make-up artist – Debbie at Classic Beauty – as she knew my style and chose very well.

Would you do your own hair and make-up on your wedding day?

Photos by Ed Bagnall Photography


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