[BEAUTY BYTES] Boots No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit

No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit

I’ve read time and again that if you’re a glasses wearer, brows should definitely be a part of your make up routine. I’ve never really bothered with my brows. They are thin and almost non-existent in places, after too much plucking as a teenager! So when No7 offered to send me their new No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit, I decided it was time I tried out the advice.

No7 Eyebrow Kit

The Brow Kit includes two brushes, a double ended slanted brush and a mascara wand. It features a brow gel, a highlighter and two shades of powder for filling in your brows. It’s so easy to use. This diagram via the No7 Facebook page shows you exactly what goes where:

no7 brows on facebook

You know what? It works! Filling in my thinning brows really does help to define my make-up look. I don’t use much at all, as I don’t want to suddenly have very dark brows but it works to frame my eyes and makes me look made up, without too much actual make-up.

Boots No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit

Do you fill your brows? Which product do you use?


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