[Restaurant Review] Coast, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

Wales is my second home really. I spent 11 years living in the Welsh capital before relocating to Shropshire about 18 months ago. So when the fiancé suggested a family trip to Pembrokeshire I knew I wanted to be there.


We stayed at Bluestone. The Bluestone National Park Resort holiday park falls partly within the boundaries of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It is a park of wooden lodges with swimming and activity facilities on site.

We used our Bluestone lodge as a base for visiting the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire and its coastal towns, including Tenby and Saundersfoot. Both are real picture postcard locations. We were so lucky with the weather for our weekend break. The Friday (when we travelled down) and Monday (when we travelled back) were both very wet but the Saturday and Sunday were glorious sunshine.



In Tenby, we spent the morning on the beach, flying a kite and walking along the coastal footpath.




In Saundersfoot, we visited Will Holland’s restaurant Coast. Coast is, as the name suggests, practically on the beach, just along the coast from Saundersfoot. The wood-clad building and glass front looks out over the sea. It’s a delightfully open and airy restaurant which was lovely on a bright early spring day but I imagine it would be just as nice on a colder winter’s day when the sea was mean and moody outside!

coast pembrokeshire

Given Will Holland’s reputation (he won a Michellin star for the Ludlow restaurant he used to work at, before the age of 30!), the menu at Coast is very reasonable. We chose the set menu option which offer two courses for £18, or three for £24. Of course, we chose three courses!

coast pembrokeshire

For starters our table chose the pork terrine and the beetroot salmon:

coast saundersfoot starters

Both had Scandinavian influences in the flavours and were well proportioned and didn’t over face.

For main, we chose the pork tenderloin and fish cakes:

coast saundersfoot mains

The pork tenderloin was served as well proportioned as the starters, however the fish cakes were a little less elegant. They were delicious (this was my choice) but the presentation for this option was not quite as perfect as the others.

For dessert we chose the dark chocolate torte – which was AMAZING!!!

coast saundersfoot dessert


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