[HOW TO] Rules To Shop By

I’ve been trying for the past year or two, to streamline my wardrobe and create a collection of clothes that will see me from season to season.

There are a few reasons for this approach:

  1. Space. A lack of space has forced me to rethink how I shop and fill my wardrobe. Our new house (of 18 months) has a much smaller wardrobe space than my previous house.
  2. Moving house. Having moved house three times in as many years, I have used each move as an opportunity to edit my wardrobe.
  3. Money. Another lack of – this time, money. Those moves haven’t been cheap and we’re saving for a wedding, which never comes cheap. By choosing pieces that will last, I am saving money each season.
  4. “I-have-nothing-to-wear” moments. A streamlined wardrobe is much easier to filter through in the mornings and means I more often know exactly what I will wear. Plus, I’m trying hard to make sure that everything goes with everything else.

There are a few rules I’m sticking to when buying new pieces for my wardrobe:

rules to shop by

  1. Have I already got something like it? This isn’t always as simple as it seems. Sometimes buying multiples of something I know I will wear till it falls apart is actually a good idea. But if I’m buying something that I already have or that is very similar, I have to make double sure that I will wear both.
  2. Do I love it? If I don’t absolutely have to have it, I won’t be parting with my money.
  3. Do I have the money for it? I’m trying not to throw purchases on my credit card these days – no matter how much I really really want them. If I want it that much, I can wait till pay day, or save up my pennies for it.
  4. Does it go with everything else in my wardrobe? Ok, so not everything. That would be impossible. But I’m no longer buying pieces that I know I will need to buy new shoes/new jacket/new bag to go with! That is not frugal. Plus, it rarely happens and then the new piece sits in the wardrobe for months, before being donated to the local charity shop, tags still on.
  5. Does it come in black? I know, I know, some of you will be thinking, black? But frankly, if it’s in black, I’m far more likely to wear it. I love black on black outfits and so I know that it doesn’t matter what the piece, if it comes in black, it’ll go with nearly everything in my wardrobe.

Do you have rules you use when shopping?


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