[INSPIRATION] Who Do You Dress For?

It’s that age-old formula for women’s magazines: how to dress for your man. But do women really dress for the men in our life? Or do women choose what to wear simply for themselves? Or, even, as has been suggested, for other women?

On a personal level, I like nothing more than throwing on a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized knit and a pair of beat-up old ankle boots. Sexy? Probably not. But I’m not going to lie, I feel confident and comfortable in it.

weekend uniform

Sure, I love the feeling of slipping into a figure-hugging dress and leg-lengthening heels. But, for me, nothing beats my weekend uniform.

I do recognise however that when dressing for a night out, I am far more likely to take into consideration my companions, who will likely be women. I’m not a competitive dresser by any means but I like that feeling when someone compliments you on your look, or on a specific piece that you chose. 

Ultimately I have learned over the years that trying to please someone else over yourself when it comes to getting dressed is a doomed venture. You’ll likely spend the entire evening feeling uncomfortable, pulling at an unfortunate hemline or being unable to breathe. I’m planning to write a different post on the benefits of a uniform and knowing your style but essentially, know what works for you, fill your wardrobe with pieces that you love and that you love to wear and dress for yourself.

For further similar inspiration, check out My Style Pinboard.

Who do you dress for?

Images via (clockwise from top left): Glitterary; Pinterest; Jazzabelles Diary tumblr; Camille Over The Rainbow; Classy In The City.


8 thoughts on “[INSPIRATION] Who Do You Dress For?

  1. Ah that age old question! I’ve seen some articles that get the guy to choose something for his girlfriend and sometimes the difference in opinion can be wide! I think the majority of men like women to dress quite differently to what might be in fashion – lets face it – there are a lot of men out there that just don’t get fashion!

  2. Good question! When I was in my teens I definitely dressed to be accepted by my peers. Then came a time when I definitely dressed to attract men, but today I’m mostly dressing for myself. I like to feel comfy but at the same time I like to look good and feel confident about what I see in the mirror. I guess you could say that I dress for others when it comes to work clothes – I’m the manager of the office desk at the local university college and need to look somewhat professional. And sometimes I dress to please my husband, as he loves seeing me in dresses:)

  3. I’m 16, and through magazines and blogs I’ve finally realised that dressing for myself is the key. Before, I used to dress to be accepted, and I followed exactly the ‘uniform’ of what my friends wore at that time, because I was afraid to experiment and didn’t want to stand out. Now it’s all about standing out and trying not to wear what everyone else is wearing, and thanks to that I’m renowned in my school for dressing elegantly with a slightly modern and eclectic edge. I try to find items no one else has, and when i go shopping, I see a clothing item and ask my friends their opinion, if they say they don’t like it – I will still get it if it works for me. I’ve realised that people accept you for how you dress, eventually. I’m not going to change my clothes for a man or for my friends, because I want them to know that this is my style and it won’t change.

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