[LOVELY LINKS] and Links à la Mode

into the glossClockwise from top left: Bling it On with Styloko and their guide to accessories that’ll jazz up your basics; Wendy Brandes wrote an eloquent rebuke to the horrible trolls who thought they had the right to comment on the appearance of female Olympic athletes rather than concentrate on their sporting achievements; Into The Gloss has a new “office boyfriend” and I’m jealous! The Glitter Guide’s 5 Things To Try This Weekend post is still my Friday favourite; Ann Colville – the lovely lady behind the fabulous beauty blog Cult of Pretty – has done it again, launching a new style blog, Lady, which is about when style grew up; and finally, Faye over at Girl Does Geek discussed the issue of diversity in fashion blogging and the difference between the US and the UK.

What have you been reading this week? I was lucky enough to be included in Links à la Mode this week:

Hey, Hey, Good Lookin’

Edited by: Taylor Davies

This week’s link round up is full of shopping and outfit inspiration – it seems like the community is in a veryfashionable mood of late (not that you aren’t always!). Some of you are looking forward to fall, some are building your wardrobe of essentials and some are exploring shopping on a budget when you’re curvy. We also had some great submissions from some menswear bloggers in our community – it’s an all-around win! 



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