[5 THINGS] To Do Now That The Olympics Are Over

I don’t know about you, but we’ve spent the last two weeks glued to the television watching Olympics, Olympics and more Olympics! So this morning we’re left feeling a little glum and wondering how we will fill our time now. Well, here are five ideas:

1. Take up a sport:

So many of us have ironically not left our sofas for the past 16 days and yet suddenly feel inspired to take up a sport after seeing so much success. Well, why not cash in on that enthusiasm and take up one of the sports that took your fancy during London 2012. Handball is supposed to be having quite a rennaisance right now:

5 things take up a sport

2. Read a book:

We’ve all become a little square-eyed over the past couple of weeks, so why not take some time away from the box and read a book or two:

5 things read a book

3. Bake a cake:

I find baking one of the most relaxing and rewarding ways to unwind. I get the pleasure out of creating something and then the added pleasure of sharing that with friends and family. This week I’m planning on baking some white chocolate and raspberry muffins:

5 things bake a cake

4. Go shopping:

Presumeably if you’re reading this blog, you’re into fashion and thus, shopping. (If not, you may be lost!!) So why not go out and indulge in a little retail therapy?!

5 things go shopping

5. Throw a dinner party:

Chances are that, if you have been cooped up indoors watching the Olympics, so have all of your friends and you’ve not seen each other for a while, so why not throw a dinner party and catch up:

5 things dinner party

What will you be doing now that the Olympics are finished?

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12 thoughts on “[5 THINGS] To Do Now That The Olympics Are Over

  1. I’m seriously going to miss the Olympics! But I guess I was still doing plenty of things while watching them (I was always either writing or at the gym!) so they didn’t disrupt my schedule too much.

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