[BLOGGING] 6 Posts You Can Create From Your Instagram Feed

I’ve touched on the pros of using Instagram as an integrated part of the blogging experience before, in this post we’ve put together five ideas for posts you can create from your Instagram feed:

1. Outfit posts:

outfit post

If, like me, you struggle to get someone else to take outfit photos for you, Instagram provides the perfect opportunity to create outfit posts without the need for a personal photographer or a remote.

2. Round-up posts:

If you’re taking regular Instagram photos, make sure to use them to create a round-up post at least every month. If you find that you’re taking many many photos, maybe try creating a weekend or weekly round-up of your photos for those not on the app.

3. Post about a specific event – as seen through Instagram:

london fashion week in instagram

Many of your readers won’t use Instagram – or won’t be following the same people – so why not create a post using the photos from one of the accounts you follow, for a specific event, like this post Introducing the Team GB Kit by Stella McCartney, using the Instagram feed from Stella McCartney. Or, using your own photos from a particular event, like London Fashion Week maybe, or a Press Event.

4. To continue posting when on-the-move or very busy:

post on holiday

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, either your working hard on your 9-5, or a new house, or your away travelling. Well, why not take snaps of whatever you’re doing and use them to create a quick post. Readers, I find, much prefer posts with photos, so this will help to create a post that will grab their attention and give the personal touch.

5. Use your feed as a photo library for your regular posts:

As mentioned before, posts with photos often keep readers for longer and so I try to incorporate photos into each and every post I write – as you’ll have noticed! Often it can be difficult to use original and own material every time. However, with some careful planning, your Instagram feed can become a rich and useful resource for this. Like this post: Four Fun Things To Make Your Weekend Sparkle.

6. Post recipes you’re cooking up:

A particular favourite amongst Instagram users are food photos. Use photos of your dinner to blog the recipe behind the meal.

How do you utilise your Instagram account?


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