[HOW TO] Enjoy A Regular Work Day

As I’m on my holidays, I’ve asked one of my favourite bloggers, Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life, to put together a beautiful post for you. Thank you so much to Shannon – and I hope you enjoy it. Please show Shannon some love and leave her some comments too!

A tremendous thank you to Emily for inviting me to guest post while she is enjoying her much deserved vacation. For those of us not yet on vacation, or if you have just returned from blissful rest and relaxation, I’d like to share a handful of ideas today so you can enjoy your work day almost as much as you enjoy your time away. From waking in the morning, to tucking yourself into bed at night, here is my idea of a simply luxurious regular work day:

1.  Awake from a sound night’s sleep. Nothing is more appreciated than being able to wake up according to your body clock without the reminder of an alarm. In order to attain this ability, go to bed the previous evening knowing you will be able to have at least six, preferably eight hours of sleep. Also, make sure the temperature in the room is slightly cooler than the temperature of the home during waking hours (open a window, turn on a fan, etc). And sleeping in freshly laundered sheets is always a treat as well.

2. Exercise – do something to wake up your body. Choosing to exercise in the morning can be daunting, but the thrill in the afternoon when you realize you’ve already revved up your metabolism for the day will make it all worth it.  (And if you do it regularly, you can keep it simple – a short walk with your dogs, sun salutations or a full yoga workout.)

3. Play music or news to gently wake up your mind. Whether you prefer to listen to the morning news programs or simply indulge in a little morning tunes, turn something on to wake up your mind and help get you motivated to make it an amazing day.

Image credit: Archetype Studio Inc. – photographers Koby & Terilyn Brown

4. Time to get beautiful! Whether you are showering or simply washing your hair, or deciding to muss it up and place it in a top knot, make sure you have time to enjoy the privilege women have of putting on make-up and choosing the perfect outfit for the mood they want to project to the world.

5. A healthy, yet scrumptious breakfast. Study after study has revealed that people who eat a regular breakfast (even if it is the same thing each time) tend to be healthier and slimmer than their counterparts. So, choose something filling, but healthily satisfying, carve out enough time so you can sit down and enjoy your meal while either talking about the day ahead with your partner/roommate or perusing through the morning newspapers.

6. Grab your drink of choice – tea, coffee or ? For me, I like to be holding something in the morning as I begin my day at work as well as the gentle nudging to wake up as I sip my green tea. Whether you are making it for yourself at home, pouring a cup of Joe at work or ordering your usual at your favorite cafe, make sure to give yourself time to adhere to your routine.

7. Complete a  Significant To-Do before Noon. In the morning, you tend to be more energetic and there tends to be fewer demands (as they tend to get backlogged in the afternoon), so get a jumpstart on your “to-do” list making sure to complete one significant task before noon. You will not only have more time for other demands, but you will also have a boost of confidence as your productivity level for the day is headed in the right direction.

8. Lunch – get up, leave your desk, office and spend 30-60 minutes in a different environment. If you work behind a desk or in the same room the entire day, change up the scenario, wake up your mind and get some fresh air to help you get revitalized for the afternoon.

9. Continue to Attack your to-do list. While you may have a bit less energy after filling your stomach, take a look at your “to-do” list and keep in mind that the day is halfway done. Choose to end the day on a great note by making sure your attitude is positive and your mind collected and prepared.

10. A bit of tea, roasted almonds, parmesan for an afternoon snack? I don’t know about you, but I need a jolt in the afternoon, as I am running on low energy by three or four in the afternoon.  If you can, take a fifteen minute break, turn on some music, pour yourself a cup of tea, a handful of almonds and a few slices of parmigiano reggiano. With Oprah’s go-to afternoon snack, it will feel like a splurge, but it is quite healthy.

11. Touch up before leaving the office. Whenever your day at work comes to an end, you most likely have a few errands to run, a happy hour to enjoy or an event in the evening to attend, so take a few minutes before walking out the door and spruce your hair, touch-up your make-up and change shoes and handbags if necessary.

12. Complete errands. Do your best to consolidate your errands to a few days during the week to save time and money (if you drive). Have a clear list of what you need to do and tackle it.

13. Enjoy a dinner with a glass of wine either take-out or home cooked. There will be nights when you have to cook (or will want to cook) and there will be nights when you simply have barely enough energy to pour yourself a glass of wine. Either way, always take a glass of wine and make plans for a dinner that is scrumptious and a perfect end to a regular day full of productivity.

14. Draw a bubble bath, chat with your significant other/roommate or children and simply unwind. Let the day be done and indulge in your evening of relaxation and time with loved ones.

15. Some lavender tea and a decadent chocolate truffle. If I haven’t splurged on dessert in the evening, I look forward to enjoying one gourmet truffle from my favorite chocolatier shop (I keep a box in my refrigerator for such occasions) with a steaming cup of lavender tea. The combination relaxes me and is the ideal simply luxury that is comforting, but not sinful.

16. Journal what you are grateful for. “Thankful people are happy people, rather than happy people are thankful.”  Treat yourself to a beautiful journal and place it beside your bed. Choose, no matter how your day went, to write down in your journal all that went well and what you are grateful for. Often I find this to be the best way to end a stressful and hectic day because it allows me to focus on what is going well even when it feels as though nothing is.

17. Sweet dreams.

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