[INTRODUCING] Clarks Spring Summer 2012 collection

Every September, and again at the beginning of the Summer term, throughout my entire school life, my mother would take my sister and me to Clarks to have our feet measured and to pick out a pair of boring sensible shoes for the up-coming summer or winter. For years after I left school I avoided Clarks shoes with avengance. However Clarks’ advertising campaign for SS12 has made me rethink my aversion to the high street shoe store and I after seeing the two collections below, I am unable to stop thinking about them, until I get my hands on at least one or two of the pairs. Wouldn’t the Dollar Craze heeled sandals be ideal for the office this summer? And the Troy Curtain sandals would be perfect for any wedding, don’t you think?

Clarks Summer Jubilee SS12

1. Clarks Scent Bottle; 2. Clarks Scent Bottle; 3. Clarks Surf Legend; 4. Clarks Scent Trail; and 5. Clarks Troy Curtain.

clarks girl about town ss12 collection

1. Clarks Aegean Isle; 2. Clarks Diary Record; 3. Clarks Dollar Craze; 4. Clarks Dollar Craze; and 5. Clarks Henderson Sky.

What do you think of the Clarks’ collections for Spring Summer 2012?


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