[LUST LIST] Swatch Watches for SS12

My first Swatch watch was bought on my Erasmus year abroad, in Italy. I loved the over-sized watch face and the interchangeable plastic straps. Having seen the new SS12 collections, I think it might be time to invest in an addition to my, currently rather small, Swatch collection:

The mint Swatch (second from the right) is top of my wish list right now. I love how the straps double around the wrist adding a little more detail and interest to the look. The fabulous bright colours in the SS12 Lady Collection make them perfect to team with summer’s bright wardrobe.

The New Gent Lacquered collection offers a collection of ten watches in a rainbow of bright colours for summer 2012. The deconstructed dials of each of these ten Swatch designs expose intricate inner mechanisms. This distinctive feature arose from a highly complex production process, illustrating Swatch’s ongoing commitment to technical

The final collection I want to show you today is the newest addition to the Graphic Designers Collection, by Italian designer Lorenzo Petrantoni. As part of The Graphic Designers Collection from Swatch, Lorenzo Petrantoni proposes five different designs. Using a stark palette of black and white, the artist’s complex array of illustrative patterns and motifs – which he achieves by reassembling cut-outs from old books, almost like a contemporary form of patchwork – are intricately printed upon the sleek silicone and plastic surfaces of the various watch designs. For a truly unique and stand-out timepiece, this is the watch for you.

Do you wear a Swatch watch? What do you think of the new collections?


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