[INSPIRATION] Converse Hi Tops: From Fashion Editor to Fashion Blogger to You

At Fashion Week in London last September as I was dashing for the Jasper Conran show, I found myself beside Hilary Alexander, the highly acclaimed Fashion Editor at The Daily Telegraph. Mrs Alexander was decked out in a wonderful black lace dress but it wasn’t this that caught my eye immediately, it was instead her shoes to which my eyes were drawn: a pair of leopard print hi top Converse trainers.

Well, regular readers will know that I have a slight obsession with Converse trainers and, if they’re good enough for a Fashion Editor, they are certainly good enough for me! Whilst regular Converse trainers add a little edge to an outfit (I like to think!), the hi top versions have a little more of a devil-may-care attitude to them, don’t you think?

Whether you’re looking for something a little quirky, like Hilary Alexander’s leopard print trainers, or something a little tamer, Converse offers something for everyone.

If regular Converse are more your thing, I’ve found three slightly quirkier options – which I am now definitely lusting after, particularly the blue polka dot ones:

Are you a Converse fan, like Hilary and me? If so, which is your Converse of choice? Hi top or low top?

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One thought on “[INSPIRATION] Converse Hi Tops: From Fashion Editor to Fashion Blogger to You

  1. Hilary looks amazing! And I know from experience that walking round LFW in heels is a killer, so go her.
    I have a couple of high top pairs- one with a sweet bunny print- but I’d really like a low top pair too to go with pretty skirts in the countryside in Summer. Love that polka dot pair!

    Florrie x

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