[SHOES] Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery

Ok, so I have a problem. An addiction. If you will. I am addicted to Converse trainers. Sound silly? Well, today arrived my fifth pair – of which three have been bought in the past four months! See what I mean now?

Here are my latest addition:

I love the pale coral colour of my new trainers that tap into the spring trend for pastels this year – they’ll be the perfect on-trend addition to my weekend uniform of trainers and t-shirt.

I’ve had these white Converse for a few years and they are now looking a little worse-for-wear, in fact I have even already bought another pair of white Converse but these are with a thinner sole:

Last summer I added a purple/lilac pair to my collection which are the perfect way to add a fun injection of colour to an outfit:

It has been the January sales at Spartoo however that have been my real downfall as my latest pair (top) and this pair of black Converse have been added too:

How do I love Converse? Let me count the ways:

♥ I love the bright colours – obviously! (Next on my wish list are these red trainers;
♥ In my opinion, Converse are the shoe-lovers trainer – not so much a trainer as a fashion statement;
♥ They go with everything – from jeans to shorts and maxi skirts to mini dresses;
♥ They are so so comfortable;
♥ And pretty – did I mention, pretty?!

What are your go-to comfort shoes?


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