Visual Friend Friday: all in the details

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This week’s Visual Friend Friday is sponsored by Ashley Getting Dressed and we’re doing an upclose and personal look at a favourite clothing item.



I thought about doing an item of clothing but I tend to be a pretty boring dresser when it comes to clothes and add the details with accessories and shoes. So I’m going to show you the detail from an outfit I wore last night for dinner with girl friends. I wrote the other week about the ability of a statement necklace to lift an otherwise “simple” outfit and so I added my lovely new Yuju UK Crystal and Beads necklace. Isn’t it just the most perfect thing for adding something really special to something quite simple?



Yuju UK do some really beautiful statement necklaces, from their signature scarf necklaces to my wish list favourite, the Bubble and Splash necklace.


Tell me about a favourite detail of an outfit you wore recently, either an accessory or a special collar on a dress or a new shoe or whatever.


To read the other entries in this week’s Visual Friend Friday make sure to visit Ashley Getting Dressed. And for more information about the Friend Friday project and to get involved, head over to ModlyChic.


0 thoughts on “Visual Friend Friday: all in the details

  1. I absolutely agree that a vibrant necklace can transform an ordinary outfit into something special. I’ve seen it done!

    Before dressing up regularly, I was oblivious to the power of accessories but now that I’m closely studying what works, I see that a single element can be transformative. Accordingly, I’ve expanded my jewelry collection and find terrific uses for them all the time. Nice post!

  2. I totally agree that a statement necklace can make an outfit. I used to wear a lot of smaller pieces of jewelry but have fallen in love with long, dangley, chunky, bold pieces in the last couple of years.

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