[HOW TO] pack your toiletries (Part II)

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post entitled, “How to… pack your toiletries for your hand baggage“. Not long afterwards, I was asked to try out Arm and Hammer’s new battery operated electric toothbrush. Now, it might not be very fashionable to talk about brushing your teeth but it certainly is fashionable – particularly in Hollywood – to have clean white teeth. I already use an electric toothbrush but it runs off a rechargeable battery with a mains charger and so a battery operated brush is much better for travelling – maybe a weekend city break or camping at a festival?

But now I’m thinking of swapping my current brush for this one permanently and not just when I’m on my holidays. The brush is bigger than most electric toothbrush heads which makes brushing easier and quicker and more effective. Believe me, I didn’t think I’d be able to write much about a toothbrush but turns out I could go on!! But I won’t. Only to tell you it costs less than £15 and a couple of AA batteries. What better for your holidays?

What are your safe saving tips for packing your toiletries for your holidays?


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