How to… Dress on holiday in Ibiza

I know that when my girlfriends and I first booked our little sojourn to the party isle many of us had a little panic over what to pack and turned to the internet for assistance. Now that I have been, I thought I would add my own little bit of wisdom to the pile:

Girls on the beach by Cafe Mambo – photo taken by my friend.
  • Beachwear. During the day you will – if you’re anything like us – spend much of your time by the pool or on the beach or somewhere in between the two! Pack your bikinis/tankinis/swimsuits/whatever you prefer. For some a pair of denim hot pants is all that is needed. For others, add a maxi dress/kaftan/cover-up. Personally, I favoured a pair of H&M denim cut-offs and a loose vest.
  • Take a hat. For two reasons: 1. It’ll keep your head covered and stop you getting sun stroke. And 2. It looks cool!
  • For early evening drinks and dinner I’d recommend something more casual than your club wear (see below) but slightly more dressy than your poolside look. Saying that – we quickly learned that in Ibiza, anything goes!!! But my recommendations would be: A maxi dress and flats/espadrille wedges; or a playsuit/jumpsuit. These were my outfits of choice!
  • For club wear, ANYTHING goes!!!! We saw one girl in a rather risqué outfit – wearing a leopard print body with black hot pants underneath! Finished off with a massive pair of stilettos!
  • My advice would be, think: sequins, crop tops, hot pants, lace, crochet. It will be hot in the clubs, so less is definitely better!
  • I’d also advise flat sandals for dancing the night away until the wee hours – but if that’s not your bag, just make sure you can last for hours on your heels!
  • Glitter – another festival favourite and one for Ibiza too! But I’ll leave that for another post (what to pack in your toiletries bag for Ibiza!!!).
  • Glow bands – bracelets and necklaces – fill your arms with them. We did!!

Me: glowing!!

Have you been to Ibiza? Do you have any further tips to add – I know I have only just touched the surface here, so please do add to it and make this a really good resource!!

If not Ibiza, where are you going on your holidays this summer?

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