How to… Dress as a guest for a (Royal) Wedding

This post is a part of the Royal Wedding series, featuring on here during April.


Wedding season is nearly upon us – that time of year when, for those of a certain age, wedding invitations seems to fall through the letterbox on an almost daily basis! And this year’s wedding season plays host to the wedding of the year: the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. If you are anything like me, you will come out in a cold sweat every time you receive a wedding invitation arrives: WHAT DO I WEAR?!

This wedding season, I am coming to your rescue. (This post comes as a follow-up to last summer’s post.)

  • For a royal wedding, a hat is a must. The bigger, the better. Check out Kate’s head wear in the photos above. Of course, if you don’t “suit” hats or don’t want “hat hair” for the reception, you could try a fascinator.
  • Last summer, for my cousin’s wedding, I found the perfect “wedding guest dress”. If you don’t have one, or just want an excuse to go shopping, try to find a style that is classic and timeless, in a fairly neutral or inoffensive colour. Floral patterns work well for weddings. As does anything in a light fabric, like silk, satin or chiffon.
  • Heels. A pretty dress just doesn’t work with ballet flats. (If you really can’t last a whole day in heels – slip a pair of pumps into your handbag and put them on later in the evening for dancing!)
  • A cover-up is a necessity. In the UK, it is neigh-on impossible to predict the weather and even if it looks beautiful and sunny in the morning, it can quickly change to cold and windy by the afternoon. If it’s a church ceremony, it is also advisable to have something to hand to cover your shoulders.
  • I am a huge fan of clutch bags. Unfortunately, we ladies don’t have a million pockets, like our menfolk, in which to stash our purses, phones, lipstick, blister plasters (!), and anything else that is necessary for a day out – but a reasonably sized clutch doesn’t detract from a glamorous outfit and allows for somewhere to put all of our bits.

Have I missed anything? What are your top tips for wedding guest chic?


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