LFW #3: Aminaka Wilmont Autumn Winter 2011

“the Aminaka Wilmont woman is … determined and confident with her own individuality and uniqueness”
As I was ushered into my very first catwalk show at London Fashion Week, I had no idea what to expect: the lights dimmed and the music started and everyone in the tent hushed as they awaited the appearance of the first model:
Aminaka Wilmont’s Autumn Winter 2011 collection is entitled “Totem”. With the collection the designer attempts to create a new tribe of women:

Dressed in draping silk which maintain a soft silhouette and complimented with asymmetric cuts:

The avant-garde and trademark tailoring flatters the female shape:

Whilst the use of washed leather jackets and shorts in addition to thick, Italian Shearling and Toscana gives a strong and more touch edge to the collection:

The inspiration for the digital prints – animal hides, skins and furs – are evident throughout:

The wedge boots – both knee and ankle high – represent strong animal hooves which aids the creation of an elegant yet hard edge:

Pheasant feathers have been used to add detail and reinforce the animal inspiration:

Knitwear – in the shape of arm and leg warmers – continue the raw feel felt throughout the collection:

This collection is wearable and beautiful. The neutral colour palette appeals to my wardrobe preferences, whilst the knitwear and wedges provide a practical element to this catwalk collection.
What do you think of the collection?

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