A Day In The Life #2: LFW

London Fashion Week for me seemed to be over before it had really begun but my heart still skips a beat when I think that I was there! After the success of the last “A Day In The Life” post I did, I thought this might prove to be a more interesting day to document:

I took the train from Cardiff to London at lunchtime:
Had a little picnic on the way:
Once in London, I navigated my way across the city centre on the tube, embarking at Embankment before walking to Somerset House:
At Somerset House, I was given my Press Pass (I still wasn’t sure I’d get it – even though I’d had an email to tell me I would):
I then headed to the BFC Show Space and met the lovely ladies, Amanda – aka The Online Stylist and seen in photo below – and Helen – of The It Guide:
They were about to head into the Aminaka Wilmont show. I was delighted to discover that not having a ticket didn’t mean you couldn’t attend a show – you just have to stand in a different line and then stand once in the show space. Fine by me, thank you. I found a buddy in the non-invite queue in the shape of the lovely Katie – of Katie Styles – and together we jostled our way until we were standing right by the entrance onto the catwalk and from there we waited for the models to appear:
I had to pinch myself a couple of times as I watched each model appear:
And then it was the final “walk” and the dream was over:
After saying goodbye to Helen, Amanda and I headed to The Freemasons’ Hall – the location of Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Jasper Garvida:
Once in the backstage area, Emma (of Push PR) told us we could snap anything we wanted. So I did (many more to come in another post):
And then – just like that – the fairytale ended. Or sort of. A different sort of fun started after that! One involving old friends, glasses of wine and giant pancakes (topped with things like bacon, apple and maple syrup) at my old dutch:
All in all, a rather fabulous day. Thank you very much.
Again, thank you to Samsung and The Now Project for my Samsung Wave II – with which many of these photos were taken.

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