30 for 30 Challenge: Day 13

Today, Katy of ModlyChic (and Friend Friday fame!) and I are swapping blog posts! Katy – lucky girl – is away on a technology-free break. Doesn’t that sound divine? So, if you want to see what I’m wearing for day 13 of the challenge you’ll have to head over to Katy’s blog to find out. But first, let us know what you think of Katy’s:

Hi Sugar and Spice readers… I’m Katy from ModlyChic and today Emily and I are switching blogs.
We’re both in the midst of the 30 for 30 challenge and I’m working on bringing more color into my dressing choices. This dress, outfit 13 of 30 for me, I usually wear with an off-white or jean jacket but that was too basic. Instead I went with this great pink jacket that I scored at a clothing swap. To be honest it smells a little funky – probably from sitting in storage for a while, but a little perfume helps cover the smell:

Want to see what Emily is looking like today? Check out ModlyChic.


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