How to… have the closet you want without spending a fortune


I have another fabulous blog to draw your attention to that aims to show you how to dress with a limited budget and to pay off your debts whilst you do it! Meet Grace of Money Smart Fashion. Her recent post The Best Way To Save Money On Clothes got me thinking about the ways I save money when shopping for something new for my wardrobe:

Carrie’s closet in SATC 2

♥ Shop it. Your closet, that is. (This is Grace’s idea too!) Make sure you know what you have. If your wardrobe is a complete mess and you have no idea what is lurking at the back under that pile of unworn clothes, why not check out my Wardrobe Detox series for some handy hints on getting your closet in order?

♥ Hunt out discounts. The boyf hates this about me but I am all about the discounts. If there is a voucher to be had, I will have it! If you’re shopping in the UK, before you make a purchase anywhere – on the high street or online – make sure you check out Money Saving Experts’ pages. One of the most important pages is Money Saving Experts’ list of discount codes.


♥ Shop til you drop! Yes, you need to keep visiting the shops in order to find the best deal on that piece you are searching for. If I have a specific piece in mind (at the moment, it could be any of those featured in this post), I shop around. At the moment, I am looking for the “perfect” breton tee. So I will be “shopping” for my breton tee until I find the right one, at the right price. And in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the shopping! This is the story of how persistence and patience paid off for I’m Not Emily Brown.

Carrie’s closet in Sex and the City

♥ Make sure you have the basics in your wardrobe. Once you have these – and make sure you have bought pieces that will last and that you love – anything else you add to your wardrobe will be embellishment and you won’t have to spend heaps to get the most out of your closet.

♥ Don’t (always) be tempted by a 50% off tag. Sales and discount vouchers are a great way of getting something you want for less but don’t buy something just because it is half off. Now, I have often read: if you wouldn’t buy it full price, you shouldn’t buy it half price. I disagree. I have a fair few things in my closet that I bought on sale and that I would never have bought full price but at half price (or less!) they have become wardrobe staples. Just make sure you’re not buying something simply because of it’s price tag. Of course, this also goes for cheap stores, like H&M and Primark.

♥ Think: Quality not quantity. We all love a bulging wardrobe, filled to the brim with pretty clothes but it just isn’t practical. As my recent wardrobe detox has taught me, I actually prefer a slimmed down closet collection which allows me to dress quickly and easily and to see at a glance what I actually already have.


What are your tips for having your dream closet without breaking the bank?


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