H&M Spring Collection: Dreaming of the summer

Not sure how or why (I probably signed up in a moment of internet “boredom!) but a few days ago H&M’s Spring Season 2011 catalogue popped through my letterbox. Who even knew they even did a catalogue?
As it continues to rain outside, I sat down with a mug of coffee (cos a cup just ain’t enough!), took out my Sharpie and spent a few wonderful moments dreaming of the summer:

Now that I have detoxed my wardrobe, here is my Spring shopping list:

This outfit screams lazy summer bike rides, followed by picnics in the park – to me!

If you’re on the hunt for a trench to complete your wardrobe basics for the Spring and don’t want to spend a fortune, look no further:

Are you dreaming of the summer yet? Or still enjoying wrapping up and layering your winter favourites?


0 thoughts on “H&M Spring Collection: Dreaming of the summer

  1. I am yearning for summer so badly, or at least some non-coat weather. I'm bored of putting together carefully crafted outfits then having to cover them up with the same winter coat! x

  2. Great post & fantastic fashions to look forward to! These are perfect for south Florida! Especially LOVE the summer work dress & maxis =) Lynda

  3. Love the post! We dont have h&m in Australia but I'll be visiting the US next month and plan to stock up. It's summer here atm and it will be a long one too, so hopefully I'll get plenty of wear! Yay summer!

  4. A – me too! Tried to go out without a coat this morning – wasn't happening! Boo hiss!! Bring on the summer!Elle – I know, I lived in maxis last summer and intend to again this summer too!!NYCLQ – wish it was warm here already. Am so fed up of being cold! :(the little distractions – no H&M??!! How do you cope?!! Yes, stock up!! and tell us what you got!!Thanks for all of your comments 🙂 xx

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