A Woman's Touch

When I posted my “How to…” post on Wednesday (How to… Wear a tux (as a woman!)), I had little idea that one of my favourite bloggers was posting pages from Vogue US’s 2004 shoot of Gisele Bundchen dressed in masculine clothing with a feminine twist. Check out this spread over at Shannon’s post, A Touch of Boyish Charm. I love the waistcoats she wear and my particular favourite shot of the shoot is the second:

Source: Vogue US via The Simply Luxurious Life

As much as I am a fan of the “boyfriend” look – boyfriend jeans and boyfriend cardigans feature heavily in my wardrobe – when it comes to masculine dressing, I prefer tailored pieces that fit the female shape. Sure, a boyfriend cardigan looks great thrown on over a light summer dress but the boyfriend look tends to be more of a casual look. The masculine look (above) is much more work appropriate and adds a quirky twist to business attire. I am so on the lookout for a fitted tailored waistcoat now! Of course, I couldn’t help but start the search already! Here are my waistcoat picks:

 What do you think of the masculine look? And what of the waistcoat choices? Tempted by any of these?


0 thoughts on “A Woman's Touch

  1. Thank you very much Emily for the mention. Great minds think alike. :)I couldn't agree with you more. While I too love boyfriend cardigans, they must be tailored for a woman's physique – after all, our true beauty must not be draped haphazardly. :)I hope your weekend is going well. xo

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