Christmas Wish List #7: ASOS Winter Accessories

After last week’s Winter Accessories from H&M, I found some more that I am lusting after from ASOS:

These AMAZING faux fur leg warmers:

Or some shaggy fur ear muffs:

If a hat isn’t your thing, keep your head warm with this faux fur headband:

And finally, if a hat is your thing, why not go a little crazy and put this bunny ears fur hat on your Christmas wish list:

What is on your Christmas wish list?
*If you’re struggling to find presents for your girl friends this Christmas, check out my guide: How to… Give thoughtful presents for your girlfriends.

0 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List #7: ASOS Winter Accessories

  1. Oh Shopgirl that's so funny: That's Poppy's sister, Cara, who I met @ LFW & posted about somewhere. She is sooo cute. If you go back to Sept or Oct – I think the post is called 'Girls just wanna have fun' – you'll see her.Thanks for your comment. I don't visit enough when people comment – it's hard to organise my time – but I want you to know I see your comments and always really appreciate them – and sometimes write back on my own post, which isn't much help.So also.. now a snood, too, huh? : ) x

  2. Tabitha – the ears are fun, aren't they?!Polka Dot – I will go hunt out that post as I was planning to do a Style Icon post on both of the sisters v soon! Thank you for your comment 🙂 I do often see your replies on the blog. xx

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