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[HOW TO] Five ways to save money

five ways to save money

We could all do with making sure we have some savings in the bank for lean times – and also so we have more to spend on new shoes/clothes/pretty things! Here at Sugar & Spice HQ we’re forever trying to find ways to buy more of the things we love. In fact recently, we’ve been bitten by the travel bug again and so all of our pennies are being put towards trips away. We’ve put together our top five tips for saving money:

[OUTFIT] How To Style A Sweatshirt

how to style a sweatshirt

At Sugar & Spice we love Laura’s chic and elegant style over at Wearing It Today. We’ve been loving her styling of the humble sweatshirt to turn it into something fun and fashionable. So we thought we’d have a go at styling the look for ourselves.

[HOW TO] Take Beautiful Photos 101

goodman photography joes blogs

On Sunday I was invited by the lovely people at Joe Blogs to join them for a photography course in Birmingham – as well as lunch. I’ll be honest, the lunch part swayed it for me! As well as the fact that we’d just got a new camera and I don’t have a clue how to use it!

[HOW TO] Get The Bed Head Look

bed head hair

Bed head hair is not something you wake up with and roll out of bed with. It sounds like it is. It looks like it might be. But it is as carefully styled and thought through as an immaculate up do. Bed head hair is probably one of the most coveted looks, rocked by off-duty models, actresses and everyday girls the world over. We’ve picked our three favourite products to create the bead head look.

[HOW TO] Dress For A Wedding

you're invited wedding invitation

It’s wedding season and with every wedding invitation that pops through the letter box the dilemma of what to wear gets worse! We’ve done the leg work for you this time and found some real gems in the Warehouse sale – no need to break the bank!

[HOW TO] Choose the right pair of glasses

Cheap Monday x Specsavers sunglasses

Since I started wearing glasses three and a half years ago, finding the right pair has become an obsession. It can feel like a bit of a minefield when looking for a pair of glasses for the first time. I’m not sure I’ve yet found the perfect formula but here are top tips for choosing the right pair for you.

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