[HOW TO] Wear White

How to wear white

  1. Get the right underwear! Seems obvious but maybe not. Make sure to try on your choice underneath your white dress too. I bought the white dress above for my honeymoon, so threw my white wedding knickersinto my suitcase and figured I was sorted. Turns out, white doesn’t always work with white! Cue a quick trip to Italian lingerie store Intimissimi for “the right pair”!
  2. Be careful what you eat. I chose spaghetti for dinner in this white dress. Risky. But it didn’t have the dreaded tomato sauce – it came with mussels, garlic and oil, which don’t stain – so badly! I also used my napkin!
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid! For so long I’ve been terrified of wearing white but I think my wedding day may have cured me of that fear!
  4. Oh ok then, another two for good luck!! Toughen up your white look with black accessories à la Alex at The Frugality.
  5. For a more summer holiday look, team with delicate gold accessories to really highlight your tan.

Will you be wearing white this summer? Do you have any handy tips?

[HOW TO] Pack For Your Summer Holiday

Suitcase holidays travel

My hubby (still feels strange to write that!) and I have just got back from our Italian honeymoon. We spent two and a half weeks touring the islands in the  Bay of Naples and the Amalfi coast. It was wonderful. But moving around every few days with a heavy suitcase has made me reassess how I pack for my holidays.


This post from Garance Doré totally sums up my attitude to holiday packing. Wicker baskets – lovely idea but how?? Beach towels – great in theory, HEAVY and BIG in practice. Straw hat – stylish but impossible to pack. Toiletries – bulky, heavy but oh-so necessary! Souvenirs? How do you even begin to fit your holiday purchases in?

Holiday purchases carpisa purse

The answer to these holiday packing dilemmas? Here’s what I’ve learnt (if you want to read Garance’s take, you can find it here):

  • Wicker baskets – great for weekend trips and picnics at home, when taking the car! Not for holidays. Unless you can snag a really cheap version at your destination.
  • Beach towels – leave them at home! A Pareo or Hamman style towel which are much thinner and, therefore, lighter are the way to go – plus, as they are cotton, they work as a sarong/cover-up too. I spotted these everywhere on the Amalfi coast but my suitcase was already so full and heavy that even a light towel/sarong was too much. Instead, I’ve hunted out some reasonably priced versions at Notonthehighstreet.com.
  • Straw hat – wear it, don’t pack it. This is not the approach favoured by Garance but I am still quite attached to the look, so wear my hat for my trip.
  • Toiletries – if you can do without your usual brand, buy abroad. If you’re travelling with friends/partners/family, share the load and the bottles. Alternatively, order them online at Boots, to pick up at the airport, after security and ditch anything left before heading home.
  • Holiday purchases. This is a trickier one. Leaving space in a suitcase can feel like a waste but also means no room for those inevitable purchases. One way I do it, is ditching the toiletries I packed and making room for them. Alternatively, throw in a couple of rolls of loo roll – they’ll come in handy on your travels and are surprisingly big – you could certainly fill the space they leave with a pair of new holiday sandals and a few pieces of holiday clothing!

What are your top travelling tips?

From a Miss to a Mrs

If it’s been a little quiet around here lately, it’s because… I was busy marrying my best friend… Last Friday, to be precise…

confetti photo

We had the most wonderful day. We’re now off on our honeymoon for a few weeks, so the radio silence is likely to continue a little longer!

In the meantime, be sure to follow my social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for updates from our southern Italian tour!

On our return I will definitely be back into the blogging groove and have lots of posts planned to tell you about the big day and how we made personal and special to us.

[MOST WANTED] Beach Bags

I’m obsessed with finding a beach bag for my honeymoon right now. I want one that will double as a carry-on bag for the flight too.

We’re off to the south of Italy for two and a half weeks and will be splitting our time between city sight-seeing and lazy beach days, so the bag needs to double up for both destinations.

I love the wicker basket option, favoured by celebs like Kate Moss, but want something a little less beachy so that it’ll work further afield too.

I’ve hunted the internet for a few options:

beach bags

  1. When I think of a beach bag, I think of a bright patterned bag which will hold everything!
  2. Stripes are totally beach worthy and this Next beach bag has two handle options and three inside pockets, so it’ll definitely work for the plane too.
  3. For something fun, for a girly beach holiday, this New Look Beach Please bag is spot on!
  4. This wicker-style bright orange tote from H&M is a slightly more practical take on the basket.
  5. This block print tote bag by Accessorize will work when you’re back from your holidays too.

What do you carry on holiday?

[TRAVEL GUIDE] Where To Eat In Copenhagen

Eating in Copenhagen

Eating in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is home to two Michelin starred Noma, voted the world’s best restaurant in four of the last five years. So you’re sure to eat well. But if spending 1,600 DKK (approx £170) for the 20 serving menu is a little less appetising, I’ve put together my guide of where to eat for considerably less while in the Danish capital.

For my thirtieth birthday my fiancé treated me to a trip to Copenhagen. We both love city breaks – and eating is probably the most important and enjoyable part for us!

I always like blog posts that give a little insight into a place to visit and recommendations and know that before I went, I devoured any of the posts and articles I could find about the Danish capital. This is our little guide to where to eat, based on our own experiences.

We were staying in an area called Islands Brygge. It’s quite a young area, with a lot of students, young professionals and young families. It felt very safe and had quite a good cafe culture going on.

Wulff + Konstali Food Shop

After reading a few sites about places to eat, one place right by our apartment had come up two or three times: Wulff + Konstali Food Shop. This is where we had our morning coffee every day. 30 DKK (about £3) for a latte. On the corner of two streets, with a few seats outside. We usually accompanied the coffee with a Kanelsnegl (essentially a cinnamon Danish!).

Breakfast at Wulff + Konstali Food Shop

Also in our neighbourhood was Cafe Alma. Great for dinner. Again, quite relaxed. Lots of outdoor seating and even more inside if the weather isn’t so good. Amazing homemade burgers. But the menu offered much more, including some delicious looking mussels!

Burger at Cafe Alma

Everyone says Copenhagen is expensive. To be honest, we didn’t find it much more expensive than the UK. Beer and wine was maybe a bit more (unless you were drinking the local Carlsberg!).

Again in our area was an ice cream store that popped up in the posts and articles I’d read about the neighbourhood: Bryggen 11. The flavours available change each day but the mango and raspberry were the best I tried! The ice cream shop is right on the river front, by the floating swimming pools and the grass which was filled with people sunbathing when we were there. Definitely a good spot to catch some sun!

Stepping away from our neighbourhood and venturing further afield we found some real gems.

Course #1: Small scallops, cauliflower purée, radish, ryebread, buttermilk and dill oil and cress

In a city with more Michelin stars than any other and the World’s Best Restaurant, this is the place for anyone with a taste for fine dining. But if the budget won’t quite stretch to Michellin star dining, there is an alternative; Cofoco. This concept restaurant, which now has nine locations across the city and serves a range of cuisine, aims to provide fine dining at a price that won’t shock! The chain now offers a range of cuisine, including French and Italian. The original Restaurant Cofoco which we went to, offers a Nordic taste. We had four courses for 275 DKK (about £28-30). The wine was pricier but we thought we’d treat ourselves!

Course #2: Pea and mussel soup with cottage cheese, lemon and lovage oil, bacon and peas

Course #3: Pork belly with cabbage, corn, parsley and pepper sauce with plums

Course #4: Biscuit ice cream, sour milk fromage, cherries and cocoa and malt crumble

If you’re looking for a good location for lunch the restaurant at the top of the Post & Tele Museum in the centre of town is ideal. We shared a lunch platter which was fine as we weren’t very hungry but would have done for one if you were starving.

Lunch platter at Café Hovedtelegrafen

The Danes love their porridge – or so I read. So it seems only right to go to one of the most recommended porridge places in town, named, aptly, Grød (which is Danish for porridge!):

porridge at groed

It’s a bit of a trek but we got the metro to Frederiksberg and then walked. The street was once, according to the guidebooks, one of the most rough streets in the capital but today is a trendy street offering independent cafes and shops. Grød is a tiny hole in the wall place. My fiancé chose oat porridge with rhubarb compote while I tried spelt porridge with red berry compote and granola. Great for setting you up for the day.

If you’re looking for a proper foodie experience, as well as one place to find the most popular eateries, head to the Torvehallerne market. If you’d rather not trek to Frederiksberg for your porridge, Grød has an outlet at the market. As does the iconic Coffee Collective.

Coffee Collective Copenhagen

We had some fresh squeezed orange juice while cooling off from the heat of the sun. For lunch we chose pizza from Gorm’s. Very reasonable and freshly made.

Gorm's Pizza Copenhagen

For beer in the city that is the birthplace of Carlsberg, we headed to Mikkeller Bar (opposite Cofoco) for some afternoon beer tasting in the sun. A micro brewery offering a selection of 20 home brews, I am told – by the beer loving fiancé – that it was good!

Mikkeller Bar

Where would you recommend in Copenhagen? We can’t wait to go back and sample some more gastro delights!

[HOW TO] Make Your Wardrobe Work For A Summer In The Office


Whilst we all hope to jet off for holidays abroad each summer and spend a week or two in shorts and vests, or lying by the pool in little more than a two-piece, for the rest of the time we expect to be back in a dull and damp UK. What do we do then, when we have weeks of warm and sunny weather at home, when we have to go to the office each day?

Many of us will have a few summer appropriate work wear looks but these will have lost their appeal – or be in need of a wash – after a week or two of summer sunshine. So I’ve put together my top tips for making your wardrobe go further in the summer:

  • Many of us will have dresses bought for summer weddings or summer events that we’ve worn just once or twice and are now languishing at the back of our wardrobes. Why not pull these out and wear them to work? They’ll certainly be smart and summery.
  • Holiday shorts might not work for the office but what about a pair of loose summer trousers? Team with a t-shirt and a pair of smart sandals for work wear.
  • If you’re working in an air conditioned office, you could get away with a more strappy summer dress, with a cardigan or a light jacket over the top, to make it a little more appropriate.

How do you dress for work in the summer?

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