[BEAUTY] Boots No7 Autumn 2014 Make Up Collection

boots no7 autumn make up collection

The end of the summer is drawing near and autumn is around the corner, can you believe it? Seems like forever since the real cold of winter and I’m not looking forward to it. Usually around this time of year I start to tire of my summer wardrobe and begin to dream of lovely layers and knits and ankle boots. Not so, this year. I’d like to carry on wearing my sandals and shorts for another few months please! Alas, it is not to be. One thing I don’t mind so much about the changing of the seasons is the new make-up collections. Boots No7 have just released their autumn collection for 2014 and it’s a good one!

[BEAUTY] #MyNo7Feeling Day 6: The Look

photo 1

Yesterday’s look was matching classic reds. I went to my first blogging event since we moved last night. It was all about a bright red lip with bright red nails! I have to say that I’m still not sure about a bright red lip for me, personally I just feel too self-conscious.

[BEAUTY] #MyNo7Feeling: Look 4

#MyNo7Feeling look 4

Look 4 in the #MyNo7Feeling challenge is blue. Or to be more precise, turquoise. The shades remind me a little of a peacock! With this in mind and the fact that I rarely wear more than a little blusher and mascara to work, I decided to rock this one for Monday night drinks “down our local”!

[BEAUTY] #MyNo7Feeling: Look 3

myno7feeling look 3

As we saw this morning, today’s look is “Pretty In Pink”. I wasn’t very sure about this look – thinking it would be a little too pink and girly for me. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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