[BEAUTY] New Boots No7 Airbrush Away Foundation

boots no7 match made airbrush away foundation

I’ve blogged about the No7 Match Made service before. I’ve been using their amazing Match Made radiance concealer (think YSL Touche Eclat without the price tag!) for a long time now and have tried out their lipstick collection too.

They’ve already got nine foundations, from liquid to powder to mousse, in their Match Made collection and now they’ve launched their latest: No7 Airbrush Away Foundation. I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle of the new foundation – as well as the Airbrush Away Primer – to try out.

I love the bottle of the new foundation. It’s very simple and looks chic on my dressing table. It’s a lovely and light formula – which is ideal for me as I really hate heavy foundations.

The new No7 Airbrush Away Foundation glides onto the face. It offers buildable coverage and blurs the appearance of fine lines and pores.

The new foundation also contains Berryflux Vita to hydrate and care for skin.

Interestingly, for No7, this new foundation doesn’t contain an SPF. I was actually told by a make-up artist before my wedding that if you’re going to an event (like your own wedding!) where you’ll be photographed, you should choose a foundation without an SPF. Ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought your face looked very washed out while the rest of you probably looks a lot darker? It’s the SPF! It basically reflects light and therefore gives your face a much paler complexion. So this foundation would be ideal for a big event.

Of course, if you’re wearing it during the day, remember to use a moisturiser with an SPF underneath.

Would totally recommend the Airbrush Away Primer – it is so silky soft when it goes on and provides the ideal base for the rest of your make-up.

[SHOPPING] Beat the bag tax

plastic bags

From tomorrow, in England, you’ll have to pay 5p for a carrier bag, whatever you’re buying. Previously in England, some stores charged for bags for food shopping but this wasn’t law, now it will be, for every single shop.

So we’ve put together our five favourite canvas shoppers from the high street to save you 5p – they all mount up! Just make sure to remember to put one in your bag every time you head for the shops.

beat the bag tax

  1. This geo print shopper from Next will go with everything.
  2. How about a snake print canvas shopper from River Island? And for just £2!
  3. This pineapple print tote via New Look is a steal for less than £2!
  4. Cath Kidston’s fold away shopper is practical and cute.
  5. Finally, we love this retro owl print bag from Accessorize.

Will you be beating the 5p bag tax tomorrow?

[OUTFIT] Multiple Ear Piercings

multiple ear piercings

I love the look of multiple piercings and ever since I had my ears pierced I’ve hankered after having another piercing or two. But it’s never felt like the right time. Also, I think I was scared it would hurt. I don’t remember the first piercings hurting but I wondered if I’d blocked out any pain! Turns out, I hadn’t. A couple of weeks ago I went for a regular appointment at my local beautician and asked her to add another piercing to each ear while I was there.

multiple piercings

Since then, I’ve been adding to my Pinterest board of piercings. I’m now counting down the weeks and days until I can take out the new piercings and change the earrings.

Until then, I’m buying up new earrings and checking out my current collection to decide what will work together. I think that studs work best with multiple piercings (this might just be a personal preference) but also like the mini hoop style too. I love the asymmetric look using different studs in each ear and hole. I’m now thinking about adding to my piercings with an additional hole further up one ear. For now, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite stud collections on the high street that I’m lusting after:

multiple piercings earrings

  1. Already totally adore the Z for Accessorize collection and this set of twelve gold-plated stud earrings with an assortment of Swarovski stone, geometric and heart-shaped designs is ideal for the asymmetric look I want to create.
  2. This set of earrings featuring marbled stone beads from H&M – with one pair of studs and one pair of long, metal chain earrings – shows how I could work something more dressy than simply studs. Maybe for a night out?
  3. This set of silver and gold look mixed shape studs and hoops from Topshop is just one example from the high street of this sort of collection (see here from Accessorize too).
  4. And also from H&M, the stud and hoop option.

Would you consider more than one piercing? What look do you go for?

[HOW TO] Pack A Capsule Wardrobe For A Weekend Away

full suitcase

I’m off to Lisbon tomorrow for my hubby’s birthday. We’re heading away for a long weekend. I’m trying (after over-packing for honeymoon) to pack as light as possible, so while thinking about what I’ll be throwing in, I figured I’d share my idea of a capsule wardrobe for a weekend city break (this covers a 5-6 day trip). It might look long but believe me I’ve packed more and fitted it into a carry-on size case!

holiday capsule wardrobe

  1. Oversized shirt – doubles as a cover-up on the beach and something slightly warmer in the evenings
  2. 2x vests – what more do you need for daytime wear on holiday than shorts and a vest?
  3. Denim jacket – a cool cover-up for evenings and travelling
  4. 2x day-to-night dresses – gives you a different option for city break days and takes you through to the evening
  5. 2x pairs of sandals – one for walking (I always take my Birkenstocks) and another for evening
  6. Trainers – for travelling
  7. Shorts – denim shorts are the most versatile
  8. Jumper – for cooler evenings

What do you pack for a weekend away? Do you choose to pack light or throw everything you own in?

[NEWS] The Latest from Hush

One of my favourite online stores, Hush, is doing some exciting things right now.

hush pop in store

First up, they are currently hosting a “pop in” store. Not a traditional pop up shop, but rather an opportunity to touch, see and try on pieces from the autumn collection, meet some of the team and experience a physical manifestation of all things hush.

There isn’t actually any stock on site, but you can place orders in store and they’ll normally be received by post the next day. Alternatively, you can make a note of what you want at the time and order online later.

Hush have said that this will be their first such store and that they are hoping to roll out the concept across the country in the months ahead – I’m putting in a word for the West Midlands! Here’s to hoping!

The pop in store is located at 273 Fulham Road, SW10 9PZ. It’s open 17th-27th September. Opening hours are Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.


The next bit of news concerns an exciting new campaign. Hush have created 1,000 ‘lucky’ sweatshirts.

The sweatshirts cost £45 each – and Hush will donate £37.50 (£45 – VAT) from each sweatshirt sold to Breast Cancer Now to help the fight against a disease the impact of which will unfortunately probably affect all of us directly or indirectly during our lifetimes.

It’s part of an ongoing campaign Hush have introduced, whereby every season they will design and sell a new ‘lucky’ product to raise money for (and awareness of) causes that affect us women.

For a limited time are going to make 500 of them available for pre-order on our website before they go on general sale at the beginning of October.


I love the philosophy behind the campaign – by women for women. They’ve calling it ‘lucky’ not only in recognition of the role luck plays in all our lives but also as a celebration of our shared feminity and in particular our relationships with each other.

Pre-order your ‘lucky’ sweatshirt here. And find out more about the campaign here.

I’ve pre-ordered my sweatshirt already and can’t wait to wear it next month (look out for it featuring in an outfit post coming your way soon!).

[OUTFIT] Bare Legs and Ankle Boots

bare legs and ankle boots

This past week or so has felt officially like autumn – with a little hint of the summer we never really had! It’s definitely September with all it’s connotations of back-to-school, changing leaves and changing seasons. The changing seasons creates that transitional period of dressing as it’s still too warm for winter clothes but too cool for summer attire. But, on the plus side, as pointed out by the Online Stylist, September means bare legs and ankle boots season. And I love it. So over the past week I’ve been rocking my ankle boots with bare legs.

Wearing: Hush dress; Fat Face scarf; and Betty London ankle boots – with tanned legs via No7 instant tan gel.

What is your favourite thing about the transition from summer to autumn?

[HOW TO] Get Ready In 20 Minutes In The Morning

alarm clock

We’re not early risers here at Sugar & Spice, so we like to think we’re experts when it comes to getting ready quickly in the mornings. If you’re also a fan of lie ins and staying in bed for as long as possible, even on “school” days, these ten tips for getting ready in under 20 minutes are for you:

  1. Forget washing your hair, you don’t have time. Instead keep some tried and trusted Batiste Dry Shampoo on your dressing table for these occasions. Spritz all over your hair and leave while you jump into the shower… You should only have used a minute or two for this. (I’ll be honest – I never wash my hair in the mornings anymore, I instead wash the night before if I need to.)
  2. Quickly jump in the shower. This should take no more than two or three minutes without the hassle of washing your hair.
  3. Brush out the dry shampoo. This is important; otherwise you may look like you are greying! Another minute.
  4. Pin your hair up. A simple ponytail is probably most sensible as it will take the least amount of time and will look smart. If you’re like me with short hair that can’t be thrown up into a fail-safe ponytail, a little prep is required (hence, my washing the night before!). This will take another two minutes.
  5. Brush your teeth. Very important but also very easy to forget when in a hurry. Spend two minutes on this!
  6. Underwear. Make sure it’s the nicest underwear you have. It’ll instantly make you feel better.
  7. Know your standby outfit. Think about it. You must have a go-to outfit for all of those times when everything else doesn’t look right. Whether it’s a little black dress (in my case) or a simple trouser and shirt combo, today is the day to fall back on this. If you don’t know what yours is, think about it now. You don’t have time to think about it the morning you over sleep! And if you do know exactly which outfit I mean, it shouldn’t take you five minutes max to grab it and chuck it on.
  8. Make up. You don’t have time for a full face. So combine tasks. Keep a tinted moisturiser to hand for mornings such as these, that way you’re killing two birds with one stone. Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moistuiser is just the thing.
  9. Curl baby, curl. Curl your eyelashes. With no time for both eye shadow and mascara, I always go for lashings of dark mascara. I think it makes me look so much more awake. V important on mornings where I have overslept!
  10. Blusher. Make sure you put some blusher on, you don’t want to look washed out this morning. Five minutes to get your face on and you’re ready to go!

Are you an organised early riser? Or do you like to lie in and then rush around trying to get ready on time?